Status Perma Foster
Intake Type Shelter Pull
Intake Date 2/6/2021
Age 7 Years
Gender Male
Weight 34 lbs

Hi!  My name is Brutus. My foster mom says I am anything but a Brutus, which I don’t understand. Don’t I look tough? I am a wee tot at only 34 pounds and have been previously neutered.

My foster mom says I am the sweetest and quietest little guy in the entire house. I am very meek around the other dogs and let them run all over me without a care in the world. I am seven years old and seen some things, so it would take a lot to get me worked up. I am mature and regal, after all. I don’t care if the other dogs get into my crate, bed or food. We can all share.

I came to my foster mom after my owner dumped me at the Humane Society because ‘nobody wanted to take care of me anymore” but truth be told, they were not taking care of me either. My eyes are severely infected, which has caused significant vision impairments. We are unsure at this time how much of the vision loss can be reversed, so to speak. My foster mom has started me on drops and a lubricant which scare me to death every time. She is currently having to muzzle me so I don’t nip at her, but this is all so scary. I am in a new place, getting all kinds of medicine and care for my eyes, ears and skin, which is unfamiliar to me. Upon my arrival at my foster home, my foster mom just let me loose. I spent hours circling the living area and the dog yard to memorize the layout. I am now two days in, and can find my way outside, to the couch, bed dog bed, the dog room and to my foster mom’s office without any help. I bumped into a few things initially, but have a rock solid skull, so I am no worse for the wear. I appreciated being left alone to figure it all out on my own. I do have some vision, so don’t feel bad for me, albeit not much, but we are hopeful. Stay tuned for updates on this topic.

I went to the vet to start the process of getting me back to my best health. During my exam, I stopped breathing and my entire throat closed for an unknown and yet, undetermined reason. The vet staff worked feverishly to get me back. I am going to have soft palate elongation surgery soon, and during that time we will look for anything else that could have contributed to that episode. My heart and lungs are clear and healthy. I am underweight and my foster momma is cooking me a little extra chicken and rice to help me put on some healthy winter muscles.

I am housebroken and working on crate training. The first night I sang the song of my people for a couple hours, but finally rested and was the bestest boy. No potty accidents at all.  I am now understanding all dogs must sleep in a caret at my foster home and I am much more willing to oblige, but would prefer not to, just in case you are reading this and want to save me from this restrictive foster mom (lol- just kidding).

If you are interested in knowing more about me, check back!  My foster mom is great about posting updates and sharing all the facts about me. She loves me already.