Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Owner Surrender
Intake Date 4/3/2021
Age 9 Years
Gender Male
Weight 73 lbs
Energy Level Medium
Good w/ other dogs Yes (See Bio for More Info)
Good w/cats Yes
Good w/kids Yes
Object aggression None noted
Special Needs None Noted
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $400

My name is Cash, but my friends call me Cashmoney. I’m nine years old, 73 lbs, and I’m said to be the goodest boy. My foster mom says that she has no clue how I could be so handsome, smart, spunky, and perfect. #bestestboy

My favorite activities include but are not limited to the following:

– sports (and by that I mean throwing the ball)

– cars (well, ya know, car rides with the windows down…whatevs)

– hiking (as in hiking my big butt from the back yard to the couch)

– Parks and Rec is better than The Office (I’m not actually sure what that means, but I was told to say it).

I also recently made my debut as an artist, with my most recent piece titled “Peninsula”, pictured. I really did do this, btw. Thanks for the inspiration TikTok!

I looove toys! I might be old and chonky, but I can catch some serious airtime for a rope toy or tennis ball. Playtime is pretty much the only time you’ll see me run but boy oh boy, can I MOVE! Oh, and good luck getting the toy back. I growl a lot during playtime, but it doesn’t mean I’m being mean, I’m just trying to keep your attention!

I get along with big and little people, cats, and most dogs. I definitely prefer more submissive and/or calm dogs, but with the right attention I can get along with others. If I feel threatened, I’ll growl and maybe even lunge, but that’s usually only if they do it first. I’m pretty much always chill!

Besides toys, I love couch cuddles, cheez whiz, and patio hangs in the shade. I know ‘sit’ and ‘stay,’ and am working on ‘lay down,’ but let’s be honest, that’s 75% of what I do anyway. My foster mom says that I haven’t shown any food aggression at all, and I accept treats very gently. I don’t tear anything up (even my toys will last a while!), and because I’m so well behaved, my foster mom doesn’t crate me when she leaves the house. You could say I’m the ideal companion or whatever, no big deal.

I also don’t mind spending a little time alone if you’re busy. I’ll just take a nap, knowing I’m safe with you nearby. I’m never overbearing or clingy (okay I MIGHT cry a little if you leave me outside but it’s quiet, cute, and I sound like a Wookie). Oh, if you like cute dog noises, I have the cutest snore ever! How cute? Find out for yourself 😉

What am I looking for? I’m looking for someone who is home more often than not so I can stick to a good bathroom schedule. I’d really love at least a small fenced in yard, so I can work off a few of these extra pounds. I’m not big on long walks especially in the summer, because breathin’ ain’t always easy, ya know? I’d also prefer someone who would enjoy giving me all the belly rubs. No, seriously, there’s no such thing as enough belly rubs.If I sound like your kinda guy, swipe right (or, ya know, put in an application)!

Oh, and I like to cuddle on the first date! 🙂