IBR Foster Stories: The Miracle Six

IBR Foster Stories: The Miracle Six

th, 2016, our IBR bulldog rescue angels were at it again. We rescued SIX Bulldogs from an extremely bad situation. We had to work with local law enforcement for this situation. The dogs are emaciated, malnourished, terrified, hungry, sick. It was incredibly emotional. We have named the group rescued the “Miracle Six”.    We are incredibly happy that we can finally give these beautiful dogs the care and love which they’ve always deserved.  However, based on their poor condition, it will cost a lot to get them all healthy.    You can help us help them by donating below. [paypal-donation] Or, if you’d like to sponsor the care of a specific bulldog, please check out our Love a Bullie Sponsorship Program. You can learn more about each of the Miracle Six bulldogs below.

Meet Rory!

The first of the “Miracle Six” is now named Rory. Rory She is 5 years old. She is emaciated. She has bulging bilateral cherry eyes. She has pressure sores on her legs from being caged all day and all night. Her nose fold was infected. She has bilateral luxating patellas. She needs spayed once she is at a healthy weight and her nares and soft palate evaluated. Her vaccines need updated and started on heartworm prevention. Rory_2  Rory_4 Rory_5 Rory_6 Rory_7  

Meet Nysa!

Nysa is number two from our Miracle Six. Nysa Nysa is 5 years old. She has a damaged ear due to an untreated, old ear hematoma. This has caused her ear to crinkle up with scar tissue. She has pressure sores on her legs from being in her crate her whole life. She has urine stains on her fur. She has broken teeth from chewing on her crate. She is incredibly skinny and will need spayed as soon as she is at a healthy weight. Nysa was terrified when removed from her crate. It was so overwhelming for her that she immediately vomited. She refused to walk. She just laid on the floor. With a hug and a whisper of a promise that there was nothing to fear, Nysa was carried upstairs and she smelled fresh air for first time in a long time. Nysa is Greek for “new beginnings” and it’s about time for her new beginning. Nysa_1 Nysa_3 Nysa_2 Nysa_4  

Meet Stella!

Stella is number three from our Miracle Six. Stella_6 Stella is only 2 years old. Stella holds a special place in the rescue angels’ hearts. She was the only one they could see through the teeny tiny window. It was emotionally painful to be that close and yet unable to get to them-hearing them bark and cry, smelling the urine and feces. Stella and the other Miracle SiX waited nearly 3 hours for the rescuers to get into the home. When we got to Stella she was excited. No fear. She leaped into their arms. It was as if she knew from the beginning she was being saved. Stella will need spayed. She has broken teeth with root exposure that are painful and will need extracted. She is dehydrated and skinny. Stella_2 Stella_3  Stella_5 Stella_8 Stella_7  

Meet Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is number four of our Miracle Six. Eliz_6 Elizabeth is the oldest of recent rescues at 7 years of age. She has had multiple litters of puppies and is the mother to Stella. Just like the others, Elizabeth was kept in a cage her whole life. Her toe nails were so long that we can conclude that she never went outside. Her cage was full of shredded urine soaked newspaper. Elizabeth has the sweetest personality and her eyes speak volumes. She is thankful and forgiving. Elizabeth will need spayed and a few teeth extracted that are damaged from biting her cage. Eliz Eliz_1  Eliz_3 Eliz_4 Eliz_8 Eliz_7


Meet Pretzel!

Pretzel is number five of our Miracle Six! Pretzel_3 Pretzel is the youngest of all six that were rescued, at one year of age. For some unknown reason, Pretzel was kept away from the others. She was not in the basement. She was upstairs in a bedroom with a padlock at the top of the door. Pretzel was crated like the other dogs. Her crate was full of shredded urine soaked newspaper and feces. She was hungry and had not eaten in days and had no access to water. Pretzel is just a puppy and her prior living conditions were inhumane. Pretzel was ecstatic to have human contact. She thrives on being praised. It’s just amazing to us that all these dogs have been so forgiving of the human hand. Pretzel Pretzel_1 Pretzel_2 Pretzel_4


Meet Teddy!

Teddy is number six of the Miracle Six. Teddy_3 Teddy is the only boy of the six that were rescued. He is the father of some and the stud to the others. He clearly had “a job”. He no longer will be used for breeding. He will be neutered and treated like a beloved pet. He will be spoiled. He is so loved already. Teddy has many fears that he is learning to conquer. He is frightened when he’s approached. He drops to the ground and is very submissive. He feels safe in his crate. He is scared to come out. It always takes some convincing to get him out. Teddy Teddy_1 Teddy_2 Teddy_4 Teddy_5
Thank you so much for your support of IBR and the Miracle Six!


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