Status Medical Hold
Intake Type Owner Surrender
Intake Date 8/6/2022
Age 5 Years
Gender Female
Weight 60 lbs
Energy Level Low
Good w/ other dogs No
Good w/cats Yes
Good w/kids Yes
Object aggression Yes - Toys & Humans
Special Needs Yes - Specialty food required
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative ; Allergy Meds
Crate trained Yes
House Trained Yes
Adoption Fee $500

Hi there friends! My name is Maci and I am a beautiful Olde English Bulldog. I was surrendered to Indiana Bulldog Rescue on 8/06/22 by a family who saved me from my previous life. I don’t want to go into details, but lets just say I’m so pretty that they wanted me to make babies just as pretty as I was. I guess I didn’t do a great job, so they said I no longer needed to have anymore babies. So, a family decided to take me in but wasn’t aware of how expensive my beauty is! Because my old family needed me to be a mama, my skin and my body had taken a pretty rough beating. I itched EVERYWHERE, my ears were so swollen shut that I couldn’t hear anyone talking to me, my paws were swollen and itchy, but now, that’s all in the past for me! Because of IBR, I was taken in by a family who is my foster family, who got me checked out. They told me I had bladder stones, and pretty intense allergies. I’ve been on medication and special food since then, and my skin is looking radiant as ever!

My foster family loves me a ton, but I am looking for a loving family who can let me love them until the very end. I love sitting on the couch snuggling up close to humans and watching your favorite shows! I have very low energy and don’t like to really have to do anything. My foster family I’m as stubborn as they come because when I go to the bathroom I search and search until I find the perfect spot to relieve myself (they say this can take up to 5 minutes, but I’m worth the time!) I am currently still on medical hold, but only until they vets can narrow down my age and tell my foster family if I have been altered or not. Apparently, they weren’t worried about any of that until they knew I was happy and healthy again.

For my forever home, I am looking for a family who is calm and easy going. I love to grab a toy and just lay on the couch next to you and play with my toys. I have very little energy but love to be loved on. My foster family has three teenage daughters who love to call me beautiful and tell me I’m perfect all of the time. I love them! I will admit, I’m a little thicc and enjoy a good bowl of food. If that bowl doesn’t satisfy my cravings, I will continue to sit by my bowl until it gets filled up again. What can I say, I’m a girl who knows what I want!

Even though I can’t be adopted…..YET, if you are looking for a sweet girl to spend your time with, you found me! Call me pretty, feed me, and love me- and I’ll be yours forever!