Meet Maggie!

Status Permanent Foster
Intake Type Owner Surrender
Intake Date 09/04/2017
Age 7 years
Gender Female
Weight 80 lbs

Beautiful Maggie was re-surrendered back to IBR after only nine months in what she thought was her forever home. Unfortunately, 7-year-old Maggie had some trouble getting along with her fur sister and the family no longer had enough time to care for her. Maggie is very low energy and is sweet to all people she meets.

Since joining IBR, Maggie saw the vet for some testing and we learned that lovely girl has an easily treatable thyroid disorder which is the root cause of her obesity.  She now takes medication and goes for short walks each day.   Her excess weight is slowly coming off and, as a result, Maggie is so much happier!  She is now able to get around much better and she can even jump on furniture!    Her forever family will need to commit to Maggie’s ongoing medical care and weight loss so that Maggie can be the best version of herself.

While Maggie was re-surrendered due to issues with the dog in previous home, she has met many dogs while in foster care and hasn’t had an issue with any of them. So, we think that Maggie would be just fine living with another dog .. but we do still always recommend slow and carefully monitored introductions.