Meet Marley!

Status Permanent Foster
Intake Type Owner Surrender
Intake Date 06/13/2011
Age 12 years
Gender Female
Weight 74 lbs

Marley came into rescue with a medical condition called Ectopic Ureter. These are the tubes that carry the urine from the kidneys to the bladder, which allows the bladder to fill and discrete urine properly. In Marley’s situation the Ureter was not properly positioned to the bladder and it caused her to be incontinent. Marley has had the necessary procedure to position the Ectopic Ureter proper location. After this surgery Marley was still significantly incontinent and on medications that we hoped would increase her incontinence.

With the combination of this procedure and medications, Marley’s incontinence was not as successful as we hoped. So back to the specialist we went to discuss further options. The option was to have another procedure would consist of implanting any artificial occluder/sphincter, which would also have a port that could be filled with fluids if necessary. The devise would act as an artificial muscle around the bladder and urethra. Although Marley’s medical bills so far had totaled $3000, this procedure would cost an additional $2000-2500. IBR spared no expense for the procedure Marley was going to need to be adoptable.

On September 20, 2011 Marley had the artificial occlude/sphincter implanted. The procedure was successful and she is now continent the majority of the time. However, with Marley’s condition and abnormalities to her bladder she is prone to frequent urinary tract infections and soon after the procedure she developed one. When Marley has a UTI she also has frequently urges to urinate, which can cause some accidents. Marley is currently being treated for her UTI with long term doses of antibiotics, which may need to continue for long periods of time the rest of her life. She is scheduled to return to the specialist in a few weeks to discuss treatments for her re-occurring UTI.