Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Shelter Pull
Intake Date 12/23/2019
Age 7 Years
Gender Female
Weight 56 lbs
Energy Level Medium
Good w/ other dogs Yes
Good w/cats Yes
Good w/kids Yes
Object aggression None noted
Special Needs Other (more info in bio)
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $400

 Oola is currently on Medical Hold as she needs to get her cherry eye sorted out and has some ear problems we are getting on top of. Also, if we can get her allergies sorted out she’d be much less itchy!  She could have hearing problems, but we are waiting to see if that gets better once her ear infection is cleared up. So far she’s not really showing signs of being able to hear.

She’s good with… Everyone! Seriously, there’s not a creature she’s met yet she doesn’t love.

Oola came to the IBR after her owner passed away. We’ve had her since December 23rd and think she’s the best girl.  Her foster dad is especially in love, as they hang out early in the morning together.

She’s a true people puppy! She loves being around her foster family and if they aren’t in her part of the house, she’ll go find them! That happens sometimes because she loves to nap. She likes fluffier beds and has really taken to sleeping on a giant bean bag one of the kids she lives with has. They share it, after all, at 22 months old, he’s still a small dude. She also like going on walks and will happily walk on a leash. She does tend to slow when she starts to get tired, but that won’t be until she’s been keeping up a good pace for about half an hour. She’s a bit picky about what she snacks on. So far she’s found she likes peanut butter the most.  She LOVES water, but she’s very good at letting her foster parents know when she needs to go out and hasn’t had any accidents yet! She’s affectionate and loves to give little kisses and lives for belly scratches.

Oola is friendly and doesn’t even bark at the UPS person, although that could be because she doesn’t hear them come to the house. She lives with two adults, two cats, another female dog, and sometimes spends time around a male dog and does just fine. She also lives with three children ranging from almost 2 years old to 15 years old.

Favorite Activities:  Walks, naps, enjoying time outside, and more naps

Why she’s looking for a new home: Her  owner passed the week before Christmas. Sometimes her foster can tell she’s sad and misses him, but she seems to be cheering up the more time she spends in a good environment with lots of love and attention.