Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Shelter Pull
Intake Date 4/11/2022
Age 5 Years
Gender Male
Weight 80 lbs
Energy Level Low
Good w/ other dogs Yes
Good w/cats Yes
Good w/kids Yes
Object aggression Resource Guarding
Special Needs None Notes
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $500

Hi, I’m Popeye.

I’m a big loveable boy who came into the IBR from the streets of Gary, where I had to fend for my own food and shelter.  I didn’t have the best experience before arriving here, so I’m hoping to find that special someone to be patient with me and show me all the love I’ve been missing!

I trust easily but can be very skeptical in the beginning.  To help with my transition, keep in mind that I thoroughly enjoy my alone time and hanging out in my crate to decompress.  You’ll be happy to hear that I actually prefer to sleep in my crate at night too.  Since it’s my safe space, I don’t do so well if there are sudden movements before you open the door though.  I will growl because I’m unsure what to expect but have found that if you speak to me before just going for the door, it allows me to understand that it’s time to come out.  It’s kind of like someone walking into your house without knocking first.

When not relaxing in my crate, I like to lay by your feet on a comfy rug.  I’ll happily show you my basic commands like “sit” and “wait,” and entertain you with my paw/shake trick.  I even walk well on a lead, though I do like to pull a bit.  I am potty trained, but you’ll want to keep an eye on me because I tend to be sneaky and try to mark my territory.  If you’re watching, though, I won’t dare do it.

I’m very food motivated and will take morsels of food or treats from your hand gently as long as you are giving it to me on my level.  You can tell I was food deprived because I tend to engulf your hand if you hold snacks above my head and will guard my food from other dogs.  I just get worried I won’t get it otherwise, you know.  So, if you could work with me on how to be gentle, I would appreciate it.

I’m non-reactive to other dogs and cats.  If/when I have the energy, I’ll will play by chasing other dogs but only if it’s on my terms.  This doesn’t last too long though, as I’m pretty low energy.  I usually leave cats alone but am very curious and like to sniff them.

Unfortunately, I will need to live in a home with no small children.  As much as I love humans and their attention, I am not a fan of people being in my face and tend to resource guard with my crate.  I’m also a large puppy who doesn’t realize my size, so I could easily knock a little one over without intending to.

Please keep in mind for the future that I was born with a bit of dysplasia in my front legs and surgery will not help.  For this reason, I’ll likely have arthritis as I age.

Overall, I’m looking for someone who is familiar with my breed, comfortable around large dogs, and willing to be patient and loving while I learn to trust.  If you can provide me with lots of ear scratchins and attention on top of this, you should apply TODAY so we can be best friends!