Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Owner Surrender
Intake Date 1/14/2021
Age 3 Years
Gender Male
Weight 70 lbs
Energy Level High
Good w/ Other Dogs Some (No Small Dogs/Dog Selective)
Good w/cats No
Good w/kids Yes
Object aggression None Noted
Special Needs None Noted
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $600

“Oh, no, no, no… I’m a rocket man!”

Thanks for the shout out, Elton John! My name is Rocket because I like to launch myself into your arms and give you lots of love! I may never land on the moon but I will certainly land a special place in your heart. Once I get to know you, I am just the sweetest, most lovable Olde English Bulldog that you will ever meet.

Unlike some of IBR’s other bullies, I came from a very loving home. My owner unfortunately had to make the tough choice to surrender me because I kept jumping her four foot fence and getting into mischief with the neighbor’s small dogs. You should know that my foster family has a six-foot privacy fence with a nice backyard and that is an absolute must for me.

When I first arrived at my foster home, I was pretty traumatized from being separated from my kind and loving owner. I was absolutely distraught and to be honest, a little scared and uneasy. My heart was broken. It has now been a few weeks since I was surrendered and even though it was hard, my foster family has made the transition fairly easy on me! I am pretty comfortable with them now! They have a one-year-old American Bulldog named Theo and he was very welcoming! He shares his toys with me and we love to play together! My foster family has had a lot of patience with me and have done their best to reassure me and with that, my personality and sweetness have definitely come out! They treat me as if I was their own and accept me for me, and I could not be happier with them now that I am all settled in!

My foster family has made so many personality discoveries about me and I am so glad I let them in, because they think I am fantastic and I think highly of them as well! I love greeting my foster parents when they come home! I rapidly shake my butt and get so excited that I start playing with Theo! They call me “Rocket the rapid butt shaker!”

I love cuddling on the couch and laying right on top of my foster dad. I literally get in his lap and plop my 70-pound butt right down and make myself comfortable. I do the same thing with my foster mom. They both love it so much! I figured out recently that I love treats from Three Dog Bakery! Theo went to the bakery the other day with my foster mom and they came back with treats and doggie cupcakes! Yum! Theo is also a great playmate! He really likes me too!

I am great in a crate and I’m house broken as well! I have a heart of gold, but I will require a slow intro. You will need to give me time to adjust and settle in. If you can do that, I promise it will be worth it!

Unfortunately, I do not get along so well with small dogs. I love my four-legged foster brother since he is a little bigger than I am; I also used to live with two Basset Hounds! However, then it comes to small dogs, my foster family has seen with their own eyes that I do not do so well. I am great with children, but I can get a little excited and start jumping so it is best I have a home without small children around.

All in all, my foster family says that I truly am a big lovable baby. They have seen me really come out of my shell and they could not be more proud of me! They say that I will make someone truly happy if they just have patience with me and give me time to adjust.

Pupdate (04/06/21):

Rocket here! I wanted to give you all a pupdate as to how I’m doing!

Please read this entire segment as it has a very happy ending!

A while ago, my foster parents had some guests over and I started barking at them nonstop. Badly enough where I had to be crated because the guests became scared. I also did this at the vet. It was determined that I lacked confidence and social skills per the vet and vet technician. My foster parents were told that I may never be the type of dog that could be taken out in public, Three Dog Bakery, the park, etc.

My foster parents set out to prove that statement wrong! They started taking me on solo walks around their apartment complex in addition to walks with my foster brother, Theo. They noticed that when I walked with Theo, I was much more confident. However, by myself I wasn’t so good. I would low walk by this little girl’s toy car that sat out in the building entry because I was so leery and insecure. As my foster parents took me on more walks by myself, they started noticing that I was getting more confident! I started walking normally past the little girl’s toy car! There was one day where I walked past five humans and two dogs accompanied by their owners and I did great! After that, my foster parents decided it was time I try to go to a public place.

We went to Three Dog Bakery in Broad Ripple, IN with my four legged foster brother towards the end of business hours on a weekday hoping no other customers would be there. I WAS UTERLY FANTASTIC!!!!! I did great walking past everyone on the way to and inside the bakery! There ended up being a nice couple inside and I even let them pet me!! I low walked a little bit but other than that, I was perfect! My foster mom was so proud that she cried in the middle of the bakery!

I am also much better when guests come over to visit! As long as I meet the guests outside on a leash and lead them into the house, I do great once inside! No more scary barking for me!

In other news, I jumped my foster parents’ six-foot privacy fence trying to chase a squirrel. I came right back to them within two minutes…thank goodness! The IBR bought me a Fi GPS collar just in case I jumped the fence again and actually got lost. It is required that my forever home keeps up with the yearly Fi GPS plan. The good news is that my foster parents are teaching me not to jump the fence and it is going well! If they see me about to jump the fence, they call my name, yell “special treat!” and I immediately run to them! “Special treat” is human food if you didn’t know. I usually get fruit covered in a tiny amount of this delicious fruit dip or a little piece of lunch meat. As long as I am supervised outside, I’m fine!

I have come a very long way in my training and I continue to improve every day!

Check back for more of my pupdates!