Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Stray
Intake Date 4/10/2024
Age 1 Year
Gender Female
Weight 35 lbs
Energy Level High
Good w/ other dogs Selective
Good w/cats No
Good w/kids Yes - Older Children Only
Object aggression None Noted
Special Needs None Noted
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $700

Roxy is a gorgeous one year old bulldog that came to us after being found as a stray and never claimed. She is an absolute looker, housetrained, and doing extremely well crate training, but that’s about where the positives end. If you continue reading, please know this bio is meant with all the love her foster mom can muster, but it is the cold hard truth.

Roxy is a little terror. We don’t mean that in an endearing way. We mean she will turn your home upside down. It’s clear she has had zero home training. She doesn’t even know ‘sit’. She runs around like Usain Bolt pretty much any time she is awake. She jumps all over humans and has no concept of personal space. She would appreciate being the center of attention from today forward, please. If you do not give her your attention willingly, you will have her in your lap without question. Did we mention this girl has the vertical of Anthony Davis from the Lakers basketball team? There is no escaping her stage five clinginess.

She hates cats with a burning passion and quite honestly is only ok with other dogs when she so chooses. She is a smaller girl at 35 pounds but when she is in pursuit of another animal, she has the heart of a lion. We don’t suggest her for a home with other pets. We sense she lacks confidence in her interactions with dogs, but with Roxy, it’s hard to tell. She adores people but toddlers would likely be sent flying into orbit by her strength and lack of personal space, so that’s probably not ideal either. An older pack of wild human boys (ages 7/8 or older) would be more her speed.
Roxy is an awful car rider. She must be crated. She chases the passing cars through the windows, as they pass, and it could be quite dangerous. She loves to go, and some times refuses to come out, without a little incentive, but she is a dingo inside a vehicle.

Roxy definitely needs a very active family with a fenced yard and the stamina of Jillian Michael’s, fitness extraordinaire. If you are looking for a couch potato, check back on Roxy in 10 years and we shall see how she is progressing in that department. #ZoomZoom

In all honesty, Roxy will be an amazing companion for someone. She is really growing on us and has a TON of potential, with some work being put in, which should have been done as a puppy. She didn’t receive the guidance she needed and it’s not her fault she is unruly.

She is the happiest little wiggly mess we have ever met. Her fur is so soft it almost feels fake. She plays so well with her foster mom and loves water. She appreciates the outdoors but is not a fan of being left out alone. We sense she has spent much more time alone than has been healthy for her emotionally, which has led to some of this behavior.

Roxy is super smart. Day one of foster care, she found the doggie door and started utilizing without even a prompt or introduction.

So having said all that, we want to say this, Roxy is just a baby. She deserves a family and we are committed to finding her people. Understanding she is a lot to undertake, we would be willing to negotiate her adoption fee to help support an adoptive family offset the cost of a professional trainer to give guidance to help Roxy transition into a forever home.

If you think you are the right mom or dad for Roxy, please apply online at and her foster mom will be in touch ASAP.