IBR Foster Stories: Ruby Red, Mack and Lollipop

IBR Foster Stories: Ruby Red, Mack and Lollipop

actically has no hair. One has cherry eye in both eyes. One has a deep tail pocket. All are intact and will need neutered. They are scared. They are timid to trust. [gallery size="medium_image_related(crop)" link="file" ids="5142,5140"]

Please support us and sponsor these sick babies by donating in their care. [paypal-donation] Or, if you’d like to sponsor the care of a specific bulldog, please check out our Love a Bullie Sponsorship Program. These three new kids are not yet pictured in our listing of foster dogs, but you are welcome to enter their name(s) on the sponsorship form if you’d like to direct your donation to one of these sweet kids.

Meet the new IBR trio! 

We understand that these photos  are difficult to look at but this is the sad reality of animal cruelty.   This trio is a mother, son and daughter. Ruby Red, Mack and Lollipop, we promise to you that today ends your suffering. Today will be the last day of the worst days. It is going to be an uphill battle but we know we can do it! As our mission says … We are hope for the hopeless.  We are rescue.   And, this trio is no exception.
Ruby Red
Ruby Red is the wonderful mother.   She is believed to be approximately four years old and this sweet girl has experienced and seen far too much pain and suffering in her short life.  In addition to severe mange, she has cherry eye in both eyes. This girl deserves to be spoiled and that is just what we are doing to do. [gallery size="medium_image_related(crop)" link="file" ids="5143,5141"]
Mack is believed to be about 3 years old and we think he is the father of Lollipop and probably many other litters with Ruby Red.   His skin is so infected that he has lost nearly all of his hair and our hearts are literally breaking for him.  Despite the extreme discomfort he has to be experiencing and the horrors he has seen, he is trying very hard to trust. [gallery size="medium_image_related(crop)" link="file" ids="5144"]
Lollipop is the sweet daughter.   She is fighting the same horrific skin infection as her mother and brother.  And, in addition, this sweet girl has a deep tail pocket which will need medical attention.   You can see the hope in her eyes and her hope gives us hope! [gallery size="medium_image_related(crop)" link="file" ids="5145,5135"] This wonderful trio has a long road of healing ahead but IBR and our amazing team of volunteers and supporters will ensure that they receive all of love, medical care and nurturing which they need to thrive. [gallery size="medium_image_related(crop)" link="file" ids="5139,5138,5137,5136"]
Thank you so much for your support of IBR and the work which we do!


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