Samson & Charlie

Samson & Charlie


Status Medical Hold
Intake Type Owner Surrender
Intake Date 01/23/2020
Age 3 & 6 Years
Gender Male and Female
Weight 65 & 15 lbs
Energy Level High & Low
Good w/ other dogs Yes
Good w/cats Unknown
Good w/kids Yes
Object aggression None noted
Special Needs None Noted
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $850

Samson and Charlie came to us as a bonded pair. Their family surrendered them after being concerned that both dogs were not getting enough attention as their family grows.

Samson is a 3-year-old male English Bulldog. He. Is. GIGANTIC. On top of that, he has been very high energy. He is a HUGE lover and may have a little separation anxiety. When you are home, he is by your side and always willing to give kisses.

He is housebroken and does well alone. He does slobber quite a bit and will jump on furniture.

He is currently on Medical Hold while his foster dads take him for his physical at the vet. He may have bilateral ear infections and he also has a history of cherry eye.

According to the previous owner, he is great with other dogs and children.

When it comes to his personality, Samson is full of it. He is a strong, stubby guy and wants to lick your face while getting all of the attention… all of the time.  He whines a bit when he feels he is being ignored.

He does respond to commands, but if he is excited – he may not listen very well. He is a jumper but has been easily redirected and he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge when tested. The previous family open fed him, and he only eats small bits at a time.

His foster dad thinks that he will benefit from a family with older kids that can rough house with him. He has a lot of energy but will settle down and lay near you.

His favorite activity is playing! He likes to take his bone and chew on it. If you want to be chased, he is ready to RUN!

His ideal home is with a family that has older kids. Due to his size, he may accidentally injure a smaller child. He needs space to run and play as well.



Charlie is a 6-year-old female, Jack Russell Terrier. She looks great, but could stand to lose a pound or two.

She’s housebroken and very timid. You don’t have to worry about leaving her alone in the house. According to the previous owner, she is great with other dogs and children.

When it comes to her personality, Charlie is pretty passive. Her younger, (and larger) brother makes it hard for her to get the spotlight – but she loves to give kisses. She loves running up the stairs, but gets scared going down them.

She does not respond to commands, but she is so low energy that she really hasn’t required any. She has been easily redirected and she doesn’t seem to hold a grudge when tested.

Her foster dad thinks that she’ll benefit from a house with multiple people so someone can give her some attention. She also is a slow eater, but the foster dad’s think it’s because she is used to being given food that is meant for larger dogs.

Her favorite activity is looking out of the front window. She likes to be up high and watch the world go by.

Medically, she’s believed to have no issues unless the vet tells us otherwise – she should be in great shape! Charlie is on medical hold pending an intake vet evaluation.

Her ideal home would consist of somewhere that can give her the space when she needs it, love her a ton and give her attention when her brother is with someone else in the house. She likes to cuddle and be carried around.