Then & Now: Samson (formerly, Teddy)

Then & Now:  Samson (formerly, Teddy)

The following guest post was written by Scott who is IBR Alum Samson’s forever dad.  Samson, formerly Teddy, was one of the ‘Miracle Six’ that IBR rescued from a horrible situation in May 2016 and nursed back to health before placing in wonderful adoptive homes.   You can read more about their story here.

Although it shouldn’t take any specific holiday or day on a calendar for us to reflect on what we’re thankful for, I want all of you at the IBR to know what an impact you’ve made on our lives, and how truly thankful we are for what you’ve given us. Not only is Samson (aka Teddy) the most PERFECT fit for us…he couldn’t have come along at a better time.

We were in the midst of some personal struggles in life and, although it was the most inopportune time, Teddy came across my radar. After reading his bio, seeing that face, and hearing his story, I knew I had to make him part of our family. Even when I felt like I was possibly losing everything I’ve spent my adult life wanting and building, I knew I had something special to gain in Teddy. I wasn’t wrong.

I don’t know if it was just coincidental timing or God’s graces, but things did a complete 180 around the time we met him and things have been better than ever since then.

A few of you at the IBR know I was relentless (probably to the point of annoyance) in my pursuit for Teddy. I’m just one of those people that won’t stop trying for something unless I know the door is closed and dead-bolted.

I’m sure it’s something you’re all familiar with because it’s that same type of drive, passion, persistence, commitment, etc. you all show for these dogs.

I know it may sound cliche, but what you do goes far beyond the dogs….you’re saving people as well. I can say first-handed that you’re undoubtedly changing the lives of so many people.

These are two of the things I’m most thankful for, but I want to extend my thanks to all of you at the IBR. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

And, we at IBR would like to thank Scott and his family for providing Samson with the amazing forever home that he has always deserved, and paying forward Samson’s love by volunteering with IBR.  We are immensely grateful for all of our volunteers because, honestly, we couldn’t save these dogs without each and every one of you.   If you’d like to learn more about joining our mission, please fill out a volunteer application.

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