Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Processes and Forms


Thank you for volunteering with Indiana Bulldog Rescue!  Following are some common tasks which our volunteers perform and the forms and instructions which you will need to complete them.

Technology On-Boarding for New Volunteer

  1. We use GMail for our email, so you can login to your email account at http://www.gmail.com
  2. After receiving notification of your account being established by our technology team, you may log-in via the internet and\or set the account up on your mobile device
    • Your IBR email will be first.last@indianabulldogrescue.com
    • Your temporary password will be bullieinfo12 (you will be prompted to change on your first login)
  3. Please reference these instructions for details on how to set-up IBR email on your mobile device
  4. If you forgot or need to change your password, please go to  http://www.gmail.com and click on the appropriate link
  5. If you have any questions about your IBR email, please contact Scott Abderhalden at scott.abderhalden@indianabulldogrescue.com


Logging into the IBR Website

  1. Select ‘Volunteer Log-In’ from the top right corner of the IBR home page
  2. To log in to the website, use the default volunteer log in of username: volunteer and password: IBRbulldogs2017


Assist with a Surrender

  1. Print and complete the Surrender Agreement
  2. Give the completed Surrender Form to the foster, if that is someone other than you
  3. Contact Casey Scott or the IBR volunteer FB page with any questions


Foster a Bulldog

  1. Read and reference IBR’s Foster Procedures
  2. All fosters will need to access Trackabeast which is IBR’s system of record for dogs.   To access the Trackabeast, please go to http://www.trackabeast.com/login.jsp . Your login will be:
    • User ID: First.Last (case sensitive; note that this is First.Last; not your full IBR email)
    • Password: IBRbulldogs2017
    • All details for using Trackabeast are contained in the Foster Procedures (see #1)
  3. Forms which you’ll need to complete your foster’s file include:
  4. Within a few days of intake, please provide the website team with necessary information so they can post an initial bio for your foster. To submit your bio, please click here.  If the website team is taking too long or you have questions, feel free to email them at bios@indianabulldogrescue.com.
  5. Please keep your foster’s bio updated with new information and pictures. Send updates and pictures to bios@indianabulldogrescue.com
  6. Send and review Letter from your New Dog with any potential adopters for your foster before a trial visit starts

Administrators – please find instructions for web, email and TB admin here


Prospective Adopter Screen Applicants

  1. For a phone screening, print and complete the Phone Screening Form.   Scan and email the completed form to foster@indianabulldogrescue.com.
  2. For a home visit, print and complete the Home Visit Form.  Scan and email the completed form to the foster family and foster@indianabulldogrescue.com.


Transport a Foster to a Trial Adoption

  1. Print and complete two copies of the Trial Hold Harmless Agreement
  2. Leave one signed copy of the agreement with the trial family.   Please scan or take a good photo and email the other copy to foster@indianabulldogrescue.com.
  3. Ensure that the dog goes on trial with food for the week as well as any medications and directions for care


Home & Foster Parent Approval Procedures for Volunteers

  1. Schedule the approval and take with you, a copy of the Home Visit Form and Volunteer Procedures
  2. Conduct the approval and complete the home visit form based on what’s applicable to the family. Not all fields will apply to each situation
  3. If the approval is successful, and you are planning to approve the applicant/new volunteer, please conduct the following:
    • Show the applicant how to log into the volunteer portal at IndianaBulldogrescue.com
      • User ID is volunteer.  Password is IBRbulldogs2017 (case sensitive)
    • Submit the Volunteer Hold Harmless form
    • Explain to the applicant/new volunteer what Trackabeast (TB) is and how they’ll utilize it
  1. Add the applicant/new volunteer to the IBR volunteer FB group and start introductions
  2. Leave with the applicant/ new volunteer a copy of the volunteer procedures


Finalize an Adoption

  1. Ensure that the adoption fee is paid in advance of finalizing the adoption.   If the adopter insists on paying in check or cash, please discuss with the Adoption Team.
    1. Paypal: donate@indianabulldogrescue.com
    2. Venmo: @IndianaBulldogRescue
  2. Print and complete two copies of the Adoption ContractUse the Adoption Addendum if additional terms and conditions need to be part of the adoption.
  3. Take a family photo!
  4. Leave one signed copy of the agreement with the adoptive family.  Please scan or take a good photo and email the other copy to foster@indianabulldogrescue.com. If for some reason you can’t scan or take a good photo.
  5. Fill out the Happy Tails update, upload your picture, and submit it!
  6. Advise Amii Haines that the adoption process is complete and notify her whether or not records are being requested. Please provide Amii with an active email address for record transfer. Within a few weeks of the adoption, information will be mailed to the adoptive family a Welcome Package which will include all of the bulldog’s records plus additional information about adopting from IBR.