About Our Rescue

Indiana Bulldog Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2007 on the idea of helping bulldogs in need of rescue.

We are a small group of volunteers who care deeply about the welfare of bulldogs. Our goal is to rehabilitate and re-home English, Olde English and French Bulldogs who come to us from animal shelters, families, puppy mills, breeders and other situations. We place them in foster homes in Indiana, western Ohio and Kentucky, where they are cared for and loved until a suitable home is found.


All donations are tax-deductible and are dedicated to the care and support of our fosters.

Foster Homes

All of our bulldogs are cared for in loving foster homes until they are adopted by families who have been carefully screened for placement.

Veterinarian Care

We provide all necessary veterinarian care, medications, and treatments to the bulldogs in our care, regardless of cost.

About Bulldogs

According to the American Kennel Club, bulldogs are one of the top-five most popular dog breeds in the United States.   Bulldogs are more recognizable than any other breed – they are beloved mascots of some of our favorite sports teams and the United States Marine Corps.  There is no other breed that is more admired than the bulldog.  Bulldogs are known for their loyalty, determination, stubbornness, protective instinct, strong personality and unwavering companionship.


While the bulldog is most commonly recognized by their wrinkled snout, distinctive under bite, bow legs and stocky stature, bulldogs come in all shapes and sizes.  The most common types of bulldogs are the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog, the American Bulldog, the Victorian Bulldog and the Olde English Bulldog.


Centuries ago, bulldogs were bred to guard, control and bait bulls, practices that became illegal in the 1800s.  Despite their sporting past, the bulldog has evolved drastically over time.  Bulldogs are now loyal house pets.


Before you consider making a bulldog part of your family, through a rescue or a reputable breeder, please carefully consider the following:


  • Bulldogs are very expensive.  They are not just expensive to purchase, they are more expensive than any other breed to maintain.
  • In addition altering your bulldog and yearly vaccinations and tests, many bulldogs require costly surgeries that other breeds do not require such as soft palette reduction which allows them to breathe more easily and entropion surgery which relieves the dog’s eye from their eyelid that rolls inward.


  • Due to their physical makeup, they require daily care including cleaning of their note ropes (their wrinkles), tail pocket (the area around their cork-screw tail) and their ears.
  • Bulldogs cannot swim.  Their short legs and large upper body cause them to sink.  Bulldogs should never be left unattended or off leash near a pool or body of water.
  • Bulldogs are intolerant of warm weather, and may die if overheated. Too much exercise or stress can make it difficult for them to breathe. Without exception, Bulldogs must live indoors, and need air conditioning. 


  • Because of their broad shoulders, large chest and narrow gate, bulldogs are prone to joint pain, hip dysplasia and knee problems.  Many bulldogs battle these problems from an early age.  A joint supplement is recommended for the life of your bulldog.
  • Bulldogs are known to have allergies – all year long and to many different things.  A high-quality, grain-free food is recommended.  Many bulldogs are on a constant regiment of allergy medication throughout the year.
  • A licensed veterinarian who specializes in the breed is highly recommended, especially for surgeries procedures that require anesthesia.  Bulldogs can have an adverse and deadly reaction to certain anesthetics.


  • Bulldogs can be stubborn, protective and domineering.  Bulldog owners must be committed to obedience training and must be willing to be patient and flexible with a bulldog.
As much as the volunteers of IBR love this amazing breed, we hope that one day there is no longer a need for bulldog rescues.  Before adding a bulldog to your family, we encourage you to carefully research the breed and commit yourself to providing your bulldog with a lifetime of care and love that a bulldog needs.