Adoption Application

Adoption Application

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Thank you so much for seeking to adopt a bulldog from Indiana Bulldog Rescue!   Before you complete our adoption application, please ensure that you and your family have read our Adoption Guidelines and Adoption Process.

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Note: If you rent, the landlord contact information is required.  IBR must contact your landlord to verify pets are allowed and if there are any pet restrictions (e.g. weight).

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Expectations for an Adopted Bulldog

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Please list the names and phone numbers of two people who are not members of your household who can verify your family's ability to take proper care of a rescued bulldog.

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Agreements and Understandings

Additional Agreements:

I understand that all bulldogs who are placed by Indiana Bulldog Rescue (IBR) have been acquired, fed, boarded; have received necessary medical and vaccinations; and have been tested to be free of heartworms and other contagious illnesses.   This care has been paid for by IBR which is funded entirely by donations from supporters and adopters.   Adoption fees are set based on the bulldog's age, health, and rehabilitation requirements.   These adoption fees are due when the adoption contract is signed and will go into the rescue fund to provide care for future IBR rescues.

I understand that, if I do adopt a bulldog from IBR, I am committing to care for the dog for the remainder of its life.  If for any reason, I can no longer care for or keep the bulldog, I will be required to return the bulldog to IBR.

By  clicking the submit button, I accept these agreements and understandings.  I also attest and warrant that I have been truthful and answered all of the above questions to the best of my knowledge.

Please note:  If you are redirected back to this application page after you hit the send button, it means that you did not complete one of the required fields and the field missed will be highlighted in red.  If your application is sent successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation screen and will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes.