Indiana Bulldog Rescue understands that good people can fall on tough times and can no longer provide adequate care for their bulldog. We also understand this is a very tough decision, and we are committed to helping you and your bulldog through this transition.

Before completing the Owner Surrender Request below, please consider the following:

Behavior problems can be caused by stress or a medical condition. Please consider consulting a licensed veterinarian for a medical evaluation before a final surrender decision is made.

IBR is committed to the safety of our volunteers and their families. If your bulldog has a history of aggression towards humans, please disclose this on your surrender form and consider consulting with your vet or a qualified trainer or behaviorist before surrendering.

Due to limited space and resources, IBR is only able to accept English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogs. While we wish we could help all of the Bullie breeds, we do not have the capacity to do so at this time.

If we are able to accept your bulldog into the rescue, we ask for a nonrefundable $50 surrender donation that will go towards the medical care of your bulldog.

You will likely be asked to help transport your dog to one of our volunteers. Our foster homes are located all over the state and in northern Kentucky.

Before IBR can accept your bulldog into the rescue, we require the following:

Completed online Owner Surrender Request form. Please fully and honestly complete this form. Our goal is to ensure your bulldog is placed in the best possible foster home as possible.

We require a current photograph of your bulldog in order to complete the online Owner Surrender Request form.

Please contact all vets that your bulldog has seen and request that they send all records to

At the actual surrender, you will be asked to sign a document that legally turns ownership of your bulldog over to Indiana Bulldog Rescue.