Thank you for considering adoption! Please click below to meet our wonderful foster dogs.


If you are interested adopting one of our foster dogs, please review our Adoption Guidelines and complete an application. Ready?

IBR Adoption Guidelines

We are only able to adopt to families who reside in Indiana, western Ohio, and Kentucky.   We have approved volunteers in these areas who are able to support our adoption process, so these are the only areas where we are able to consider adoptions at this time.


A completed application is required to initiate the adoption process. Remember to complete the entire application; leaving blanks will only delay the process.


Please be sure to read our About Bulldogs page before completing your application, discuss this information with your entire family, and ensure that all of you are committed to the unique care that a bulldog requires for his/her entire life.


If you have children living in your home who are under 8-years-old, it is important to understand that placing a dog in your home may take a bit of time. Our foster dogs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for their ability to live with young children. Once we have made a recommendation on suitability with young children, we do not make exceptions. This policy is for the safety of both the bulldog and the adoptive family.


Step 1.

You complete an Adoption Application and submit it to us.   You can view our available foster dogs here.

If you are interested in adopting one of our bulldogs, the adoption application is the first step. Even if you have questions about the process or our dogs, the fastest way to begin the process is submit your completed application.


Step 2.

Our adoption team will review your application and, if they feel like you might be a good match for one of our dogs, they will reach out to you to schedule a phone interview.

If our team does not feel that any of our available bulldogs meets your wants and needs, don’t worry. We are in no rush. We work hard to find the perfect home for our fosters. We keep applications on file for six months.


Step 3.

If your application is moved forward in the process, our adoption team will contact your veterinarian and personal references.


Step 4.

If things progress appropriately, we will set up a meet and greet with the bulldog that our adoption team feels best suits you. The matching process can take a while because we are focused on finding the right dog for the right family.


Step 5.

Once we feel like we might have a good match, one of our volunteers will complete a home visit.


Step 6.

If the home visit goes well, we’ll schedule a date to begin a 1 week trial adoption. During this period, you can see how the bulldog fits with your routine. Once that week is over, the adoption may be finalized or the dog can be returned to us with no hard feelings.


Step 7.

Before finalizing the adoption, you will need to pay the adoption fee. Adoption fees are based on the dog’s age:


  • 0 to 1 year – $1000
  • 1 to 2 years – $700
  • 3 to 4 years – $600
  • 5 to 6 years – $500
  • 7 to 9 years – $400
  • 10 years or older – $200


Indiana Bulldog Rescue is an entirely volunteer run organization so all adoption fees go directly to covering expenses related to the care of our foster dogs. Bulldogs are expensive, and we invest far more in dogs’ care than we take in from adoption fees. You can pay an adoption fee by clicking the “Donate Now” link below.  Please reference the name of the dog you are adopting in the Purpose field.



Step 8.

Upon finalizing the adoption of your new family member, you will need to sign IBR’s adoption contract.  You can view our Adoption Contract here.

About Our Process.

We take our time with the adoption process. Lots of time. We take our time to ensure that our bulldogs never, ever have to go to another home. Their forever home has to be the one. This means …


  • If you send in an application, you are not guaranteed to adopt a bulldog.
  • If you have a vet check, you are not guaranteed to adopt a bulldog.
  • If you have a phone interview, you are not guaranteed to adopt a bulldog.
  • If you have a home visit, you are not guaranteed to adopt a bulldog.


We are dedicated to our bulldogs and promise them that they will no longer suffer. We set them up for a lifetime of love.


That’s why our wonderful volunteers are in rescue. We aren’t in it for the people. We are in it for the bulldogs. And that’s the way it always will be.