Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Shelter Pull
Intake Date 10/18/2019
Age 5 Years
Gender Female
Weight 60 lbs
Energy Level Medium
Good w/ other dogs No
Good w/cats Unknown
Good w/kids No
Object aggression None noted
Special Needs See bio for more info
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $0

Hello! I am Maggie Moo Moo Head. I am a 5- year-old sweet, goofy, toy-obsessed baby. I have the capacity to be someone’s absolute best friend, that is, once you get to know me and I learn to trust you.

You see, I cannot speak human so I cannot tell IBR what happened to me but what they do know is I am terrified of new people. So much so, I will bark and show my teeth upon meeting someone new, but IBR has learned it’s not aggressive behavior, it’s a fear response. I haven’t actually bitten anyone I have met. I have worked very hard with a behavior modification specialist and am on a low dose medication, which has helped tremendously. However, I may never completely heal from my past.

Since being with my foster mom and the IBR for two whole years, I have met many humans and made a ton of friends. All of those friends followed my foster mom’s instructions to ignore me, and allow me to come to them when I was ready, and that was just my speed. Once I trust you, I love to snuggle, play with my stuffies, run around a fenced yard, and put on a spectacular show. I have personality for days and days.

There have been many who have inquired about me that have other dogs and cannot understand why the IBR wants me to be an only dog, so let me explain. I am great with submissive dogs, until I sense they are interested in something I deem as mine, and then I am very dominant. All the things (toys, a fly, a tree leaf, stick, etc.) belong to me, in my humble opinion. For everyone’s safety and my long-term happiness, it’s best I go to a family without pets. And whilst I would love a big family, due to my fear, children wouldn’t be ideal either. I have spurts of energy, but I think kiddos running around might make me a nervous wreck.

My ideal home would be quiet, with a mom or dad, perhaps both, who would be ok with me being a home body and living my best life inside the security of my own home and fenced yard. A family that would be committed to keeping me safe (I don’t mind a crate or a separate area to hang while people visit) and would be open to meeting the amazing dog that lives inside me.

IBR has reached far and wide in an attempt to find my family, but it seems, thus far, everyone assumes I am too much to handle. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am just not typical, and that’s exactly what makes me so special. Hopefully, soon, my person will find me.

Much love and toothy grins,