Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Shelter Pull
Intake Date 10/18/2019
Age 5 Years
Gender Female
Weight 60 lbs
Energy Level Medium
Good w/ other dogs Some
Good w/cats Unknown
Good w/kids No
Object aggression None noted
Special Needs See bio for more info
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $200

Hey everyone, I’m Maggie! I’m a bulldog/boxer mix, weighing in at 60 lbs and have medium energy.

I’ve been with IBR for over a year. That’s right. You read correctly…over a YEAR!  I understand that I have a long list of boxes to check off and although I love my foster parents, a family of my own would be a dream.  What are my boxes that need checking, you ask?

I need a home without children. Quick movements, lots of activity, and too many visitors, oh my! I would ultimately love a quiet, uneventful home to keep my hyper-arousal to a minimum.  Children are just too active and busy for me.

I also need a home with no other pets. I take a long time to become comfortable with other animals. It took months for me to get along with my foster brother, but even now we stay in separate areas within the house. We only play together in our neutral space, aka the backyard. I struggle with a bit of resource guarding and it’s just best to avoid situations where that can occur. I’ve tried to be a good girl inside with my foster brother, but I’m pretty bossy…what can I say? A girl’s gotta keep the boys in check, especially when it comes to toys and food. Don’t even get me started on female dogs!

I would prefer a home that is very knowledgeable about dogs and dog behavior. My ideal family would be one who understands my quirks, is savvy when it comes to introductions, can train with me consistently, and can keep me safe. I am by no means a vicious dog, but I’m often simply misunderstood. In fact, once I feel safe around you, I will forever be yours. You can pick me up, clip my nails, chase me, hug me, give me nose kisses, and bathe me without issue. It’s just the initial introductions that truly frighten me. I am learning how to retreat instead of defend myself in scary situations. My foster parents are doing a great job of keeping me away from things that are scary and allow me to live peacefully. When new people come over, my foster parents teach the visitors how to interact with me. Some humans just don’t know how to act properly, I tell ya! It’s important that my new family will do the same for me.

I do well on a leash, but I’d a like a fenced-in yard to give me my space and time to wander. Walks on a leash are nice, but only if there isn’t a lot of activity. Currently I live out in the country, so a walk down the road is pretty uneventful for me. Ultimately, the yard is my favorite place, so I can run and roll around at my leisure. I’m also pretty good at somersaults, so if you need lessons, I can teach you!  I like to play fetch, as long as the ‘giving it back’ part isn’t a thing. I will also keep any moles from digging around in your yard! My foster mom says thanks (just kidding, she screams), any time I bring her another intruder.

I understand there is a trial period for me to get to know my potential new family, but it may take me a lot longer to show my true self. I need time alone for the first few days where only one person feeds me and takes me outside. I need a quiet space due to my hyper-arousal. Too many noises make me extremely anxious. I need someone who will help me adjust on my own time. It took me a couple months to start showing personality at my current foster home. When new people come around, my foster mom tells them to allow me to come to them when I’m ready rather than have them approach me, because sometimes it makes me feel scared and intimidated. My ideal home will have to teach their visitors in a similar fashion or give me a safe place to retreat.

Okay, so those are my quirks.  Don’t stop reading just yet!  Just wait until you hear all the wonderful things about me!

I have the BEST smile! I do this really funny, teethy grin where my nose scrunches up. It looks kind of scary if you don’t know what’s going on, but it definitely means I like you! I do it every time my foster parents come home, whenever they say my name, whenever I meet new people and decide I like them, whenever my foster mom laughs, and whenever I get caught being naughty (i.e. when I get on a couch I’m not supposed to be on when the foster parents aren’t looking).

I learn so quickly!  It took me two tries to master “down” at one of my training classes. My trainer says she would adopt me if she didn’t have so many other dogs at home. She says she would train me in agility work because of how smart and athletic I am. I love going to the trainer (mostly because of all the treats), because I love being challenged mentally. I have puzzles that I like to work on and I love stuffed animals with the squeakers, as I have learned to safely operate and remove them. I could probably learn some really cool things from you as well.

I love to be goofy. I love making people laugh. When I hear laughter, I start grinning. It makes me so happy! Trust me when I say you will laugh a lot with me around. My playful side consists of chasing my foster mom outside, doing somersaults in the sunny spots of the grass, fetching and chewing on sticks, chasing birds in the sky (and trying to climb the trees after them), and sticking my head in between your legs so I can steal some scratches.

Because I initially get nervous with new people, continual support will be needed post adoption. Therefore, upon locating my right family, IBR would like to financially support training classes for me and my new family to ensure I’m set up for a long successful life. I have already been attending some classes to work on my manners.

If you think you can give me a patient, quiet, child-free, pet-free, and loving home, please consider putting in an application for my adoption! I dream of a person or family of my own one day!