Status Adoption Ready
Intake Type Shelter Pull
Intake Date 10/18/2019
Age 5 Years
Gender Female
Weight 60 lbs
Energy Level Medium
Good w/ other dogs Some
Good w/cats Unknown
Good w/kids No
Object aggression None noted
Special Needs See bio for more info
Medications Monthly Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative
Crate trained Yes
House trained Yes
Adoption Fee $200

Hey everyone!  I’m Maggie, a bulldog/boxer mix.  The best of both worlds here:  the athleticism of a boxer with the wrinkles and love of a bulldog!

I have been with IBR for a few months now and, yes it took me all that time to adjust, but I am finally comfortable where I am and my true personality is truly showing.  My foster mom says I am “a goober” and I’m not sure what that means, but she laughs when she says it so I take it as a good thing!  It takes a long time for me to adjust to new places, so I am grateful my foster parents took it really slow with me.  This meant that they let me have my own space for a few days to decompress and only my foster mom came in and out so I didn’t get too overwhelmed, and sometimes men freak me out.  A few days later I met my foster dad and I actually really liked him, too!  When new people come around my foster mom tells them to allow me to come to them on my own time rather than approach me because sometimes it makes me feel scared.  When I meet someone the signal that I like them is a huge teethy grin.  It sometimes looks scary, but if you get the grin you’re in!  I’ll bark loudly if I don’t feel comfortable with you and I’d rather you ignore me.  I mostly give the warning barks to men, but there are several men that I give the grin (and sometimes a wink).  I tend to attach to one person who makes me feel confident and will check in with them when I am outside playing.  I need someone who is patient and will allow me to open up on my own terms because I promise if I can move slow with introductions and adjusting I am such a sweet, silly girl that gives big smiles!

There are other dogs in the house, and at first I didn’t like them at all.  My foster parents still keep us separate, but I do get along really well with the submissive male dog.  I like to be the HBIC so my foster sister who also likes to be the boss gets on my ever lasting nerve and we can’t be in the same room.  I have met about four other male dogs and we have played so well outside together!  We can sprint in circles for hours.  They taught me about sticks and it’s now a new hobby of mine.  I just needed some time to learn they wouldn’t hurt me. You can ask my foster mom how she got me to learn to trust other dogs.

I am medium energy, about 60 lbs, crate trained (I like to sleep at night in there), love snuggling on the couch and breathing right in your face, enjoy belly and butt scratches (my back legs stop working), drool at the thought of a bone slathered with peanut butter inside, am pretty darn good at fetch, and know how to sit like a good girl.  I learn so quickly, too.  It took me two tries to get “down” at one of my training classes.  I am okay with cats and would do best in a home without kids because their energy is a little too unpredictable for me.

My foster mom says I act like some other animal called a deer because of the way I leap around the backyard.  Oh how I’d love if my future family had a big fenced in backyard for me to run around in— I love to run and leap (and partake in an occasional bird chase), but not for too long because I’d much prefer to be laying on my back like a baby in the lap of someone who loves me and will give me endless belly rubs.

Because I get nervous with new people initially, continual support will be needed post adoption, therefore, upon locating my right family, IBR would like to financially support training classes for me and my new family to ensure I’m set up for a long successful life.  I have already been attending some to work on my manners.

If you think you can give me a patient, energetic, kid-free, loving home please consider putting in an app for me!  I dream of a person of my own one day!