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IBR Love a Bullie Sponsorship

Why Sponsor a Bullie

You’ve dreamed of owning a bulldog for as long as you can remember, but now just isn’t the right time for you or your family to adopt.  Life is so hectic, and as much as you want to make a difference, you just can’t find the time to volunteer or foster.

Sadly, some of the bullies who come to us have been abused or neglected, and others are injured or suffer chronic illnesses.  Most all of them require extensive medical treatment in order for them to recover and ultimately find their forever home.  Donations and adoption fees are used to offset these costs; however, they rarely cover the costs associated with caring for and re-homing a bullie.

With the support of our dedicated Sponsors, we are able to care for our bullies’ needs, including shelter pull fees, vetting, spaying and neutering, medications, behavioral issues, and items that make our bullies’ lives more comfortable and enjoyable while waiting for their forever homes.

For a one time donation of $25, you help care for a bullie by becoming a sponsor, and together, we can continue to give them all the medical care and attention they need.  Scroll down to sponsor a specific bullie.  Or, if you’d prefer to make a general donation to the care of our fosters, you can do so by clicking the button below.


All donations go directly to the care of our foster bullies.  Love a Bullie sponsors also receive recognition of sponsorship on our website and via a personal thank you note from IBR.  Please check our blog for regular updates on our amazing foster dogs and know that your generosity plays a big role in helping us help them.

Ready to Sponsor?

Click the photo of the bullie to see his or her name and learn more about their journey, then fill out the form below.